Monica. (elevendays) wrote in theblackparade,

Shall we summarize what we know thus far?

Based on posts in this community, comments in the posts, and various other souces, this is what I've personally gathered thus far about TBP:

- TBP added to Warner Bros. band roster
- Mammoth Press and Absolute Punk announced TBP signing to Riot Squad
- The site is owned by Brian and Riot Squad
- MCRmy members have been sent promo material
- The MySpace is not a music page
- Industry site lists Sam Bayer as directing the new video called 'The Black Parade'
- The title of the album is 'The Black Parade'
- Album is a concept like Pink Floyd's 'The Wall,' complete with characters
- A fellow LJer overheard Frank at the comic book convention saying that one of the guys who worked with Gerard on TUA did the artwork for the album
- The release date is October 24
- There are shirts being sold
- Mikey said he knew nothing about TBP and it was not MCR related at all. [This can obviously be thrown out the window considering the promo material that was sent out via MCRmy.]
- Receptionist says it's a new band and can't release info.
- Mailing list confirmation says you'll be notified of band type stuff like tour dates.
- The blonde picture of Gerard said 'MCRBPCHAR TEST'. We think it means 'My Chemical Romance Black Parade Character Test,' further supporting the concept album with characters theory.
- The BP and MCR sites have similar IP addresses.
- PureVolume page has nothing on it.
- The MySpace is run by Jeff, a guy at Warner Brothers.

Uuuuhm yeah, if I forgot anything let me know and I'll add it. This is just to summarize all the info we've gathered so far!
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