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And the theory goes on and on

Okay, guys. annfrank had the awesome idea that TBP is a band, an album and a song, right?

The thing that still seems to confuse people most is the mailing list for TBP. The confirmation email promised tour dates. This made me think.

You probably have heard My Chem saying they wanted to get even more theatrical, maybe include dancers and pull off an even bigger live show. At the same time, Gee stated how they wanted to get rid of the make- up and keep it real. How does this go together?

If you "reinvent yourself as people" which Frank stated they wanted to do in the new Rock Sound interview, make up a fictitious band and tour as this fictitious band you can get a lot more theatrical, be something completely different and you don't even need costumes and make- up. The people in the fictitious band are as real as can get.

Catch my drift?

So the (kinda self- titled) album "The Black Parade" introduces the band, the characters band members and the bands songs (which are ultimately My Chem songs of course). The band "signs" to the brand- new label Riot Squad Records and as a side- effect promotes the shit out of it. My Chem always like to help out friends, right?

And I'll be fucked if they don't pull it off and go on tour as The Black Parade. My Chem are big enough to not have to rely on their name to fill venues. In comes the mailing list. The tour dates for The Black Parade aka My Chem will be sent out via this new mailing list.

And for everyone who didn't bother to sign up I'm sure My Chem will send out newsletters a la "Check out our friends in The Black Parade".

Edit: I think this would explain the rumours My Chem will change their name as well. Of course they're not going to change their name. They love it! They'll just pretend to be another band for the lifespan of this album. *evil cackle*

Everyone who's still with me at this point, here's a cookie.

They said it will blow our minds and man, if that doesn't blow my mind I don't know what does.
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