24hrpartyppl (24_hr_party_ppl) wrote in theblackparade,

I was thinking - If we work this out before it's officially announced, do you think the guys will be proud of us? Or really annoyed because we are too clever for them? Ahah.

or alternatly, how do you think they will tell us?

Also, has anyone shown the band/someone close to the band this community so they can laugh and exclaim over the theorising?

Also AGAIN (last time, I swear), because I don't know where else to ask - I recently moved from Australia to Britain. Barely anyone that I know in Australia is into MCR, but the few people I did meet at the December shows really wanted to get into street-teaming for them. Obviously the MCR community in England is a lot bigger, but I still really want to street-team for them. So far I have a log-in at TheStreetNetwork but that is it. I'm not very forum-savvy. Help out the eager Aussie, anyone?
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