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Something to consider.

Alright, this came to me last night (well, this morning really- 3 am o.o) and I just had to tell you all.

Remember back to LOTMS? (apologies if you haven't seen it) Gerard said he likes to plan things way far in advance, ie wearing a shirt that said "Thank You For The Venom" at their very first show, and even having "Merci Pour Le Venin" on the CD jacket of "Bullets". Also, there were a lot of hintings at revenge themes in "Bullets," and lo and behold, it became the title of the next album.

He also said that he does that with album names, coming up with them as the previous record is being finished.

Annnyway, my point- "To The End" was stuck in my head for some reason, and one part in particular:

(And say goodbye) to the last parade
(And walk away) from the choice you made
(And say goodnight) to the heart you break
And all the cyanide you drank.

...think about it. "To the last parade." It's one of the last lines of the song, too. This could be more proof that it's either the album or the single. Just a thought :)

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