i didn't need to know this (immortal_fish) wrote in theblackparade,
i didn't need to know this

Someone on mychemicalromanceforum.com posted this:

Thank you for signing up for the official The Black Parade
e-mail list. You'll be the first to receive the latest news, tour
dates, contests, web promotions and more!

For more information, go to:

Warner Bros. and Reprise Records do not send out unsolicited
emails. If you are receiving this notice and did not sign up for
The Black Parade mailing list, or wish to be removed from
this mailing list, please follow the instructions below.

DUN DUN DUN! Some people are guessing it's not a band. I'm guessing that this could lead to more clues...just cause I'm not giving up on this. Discuss?

EDIT: Okay, We're getting real lurky at the forums and someone mention this: myspace.com/theblackparade and purevolume.com/theblackparade. And someone name Jeff.
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