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I am the queen of Audio files. hahaha.


these are part of the My Chemical ROmance Welcomes you to the Black Parade. a very awesome interveiw. you should invest. but i figured, they're only clips.

Merry Halloween.

but...i tried to get the link and they don't work. e-mail me and I will send them to you.

feel free to send love too! I like e-mails

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what's up! my friend jenny is a field marketing rep for warner brothers record and she needs to throw a listening party for the black parade. we're looking for someone who lives in philadelphia or VERY near-by who would be willing to host the party at their house or their small venue / hall. we need a place for SATURDAY, OCT 21ST anytime after 2pm, and the party will be atleast 3 hours long. food will be taken care of, we just need a place that will hold atleast 20 people comfortabley. this party is exclusively for special MCRmy members but if you host it you'll obviously be able to attend, get tons of free MCR stuff, meet a bunch of hardcore mcr fans in your area, and of course, listen to the new album in its entirety BEFORE it comes out!

if you are interested in hosting the party, please e-mail jenny at romane@uarts.edu. SERIOUS INQUERIES ONLY!!!! do not reply if you're gonna tell us the day before that your mom won't let you have it or something. thanks guys!!!

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Who the...?

This isn't any new information or anything exciting. But it's really been bugging me and I can't figure it out.
Who is the actor who plays 'The Patient' in the video for WTTBP?
I was thinking it was Eric Bana... but I'm not too sure. And I don't think someone of his status would be in a video like this.
But does anyone know?
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a bit off topic and such

well, no one's posted to this in a while, and this is kinda irrelevant, so eh.

so basically my art class had us design a "party package"...so i looked to my favorite band for inspiration. its just a plate set and stuffs.

here are the results. I hope you all like.

if im too confusing in my description, its black parade themed.

on to the packCollapse )
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so this community is for conspiracy theorizing.... right?

Well I have a conspiracy for you.

Bamboozle left is coming up, October 14 and 15th to be exact. I got tickets a while ago, and i'm pretty stoked...anywho.

Riot Squad Records is a sponser. Kinda random, especially considering not of the acts signed to Riot Squad are play (at least as far as I know). This is where the conspiracy kicks in. On the Bamboozle Left website it says: "Cobra Starship and Gym Class Heroes have been traded to Saturday's line up for an undisclosed artist and special guest..."

AND OF COURSE, like any good obsessive little fan, my braind immediatly jumps to the possibilty that My Chemical Romance my play. Riot Squad is Brian's record label, correct? It was said that The Black Parade was signed to Riot Squad, suspicious!

Possible? Completely and totally impossible?
Talk to me! Calm my troubled mind.
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