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the black parade is...

a mystery, duh.

'cause My Chemical Romance won't tell us anything!
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Where My Chemical Romance fans [or anyone, if you're just curious] can discuss the theories of this sudden website. We have a few clues and hopefully this isn't just the album title or another band/fanclub, 'cause us fans would have wasted probably the whole summer thinking about this.


1. We hear or learn about new things almost every day so CHECK IF SOMETHING HAS BEEN POSTED PREVIOUSLY BEFORE POSTING.

2. If you have an image wider than 300 pixels, or a theory/list longer than three paragraphs, put it under an lj-cut so it doesn’t rape our member’s flists. Instructions on how to create an lj-cut can be found here; http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75&q=cut.

3. Don’t post things saying ‘Oh hey I’m going to (Insert Gig Here) tomorrow, can’t wait!’, or something along those lines. It’s fine to post something like that, asking the members to comment with questions they’d like answered about the band, equipment, logos, etc. Just use common sense; if it isn’t news, a theory, or a post asking for other’s experiences (ie: have you gotten your TBP shirt yet?), then don’t post it.

4. Make sure your entry is fairly coherent and readable before posting; is it one huge block of text? is your html messed up? is the entry littered with grammatical and spelling errors? If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of those questions, go back and fix the entry before posting. The ‘preview’ and 'spellcheck' buttons are there for a reason.

5. Please don’t litter the community with entries about a bunch of different little leads and theories; most of them won’t be accepted. If you have a theory, please post it only if it’s signifigant and/or well-thought-through. You can discuss everything else in the chatroom.

6. No posts promoting other comms will be accepted unless they are pre-approved by a mod, or have something to do with The Black Parade.

7. Please be respectful to mods and other members at all times.

8.NO FIGHTING OR DRAMA. If you don't agree with another member's opinion, or something a mod says, shitlist it and don't carry out an argument in here. Members are all entitled to their opinions on a subject, and the moderators of this community are moderators because they know what they are doing. The only stress in this community will be TBP-and-MCR induced, and if you break this rule repeatedly you will be banned without question. Excess drama is never needed.


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My Chemical Romance purevolume page

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